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altAt All for Pets we carry a vast selection of dog, cat, bird, fish, and small animal accessories and if we don’t carry a product we will be happy to special order it for you! Check out some of our favourite 'name brands' showcased below...

We have it all – and just to name a few… we have all the must haves - toys, blankets, beds, kitty scratching posts, and dog leashes, dog and kitty collars, Kong dog toys, tags w/ special engraving, dog and cat grooming supplies, shampoos, clippers, combs and brushes and lots more toys!

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Please visit the following web sites for details of some of our top quality products. All for Pets carries all of the very best Pet Products and Accessories – brand names you trust…

Hagen Pet Accessories

Hagen for Pets - For all your favourite aquatic, cats, dogs, caged birds and wild birds, reptiles and small animals, pond fish food and everything necessary to keep you pond healthy and clean. Hagen creates the solution for every pet.

Tomcat Cat Scratching PostsFeline Fantasies by Tomcat 2000 - "Locally Made” Products cats like to make tracks to... excellent cat scratching posts, cat climbing trees and cat scratchers.
Tomcat has great cat accessories from small scratchers to 6 foot climbing towers.
They are an excellent source of exercise and lots of fun for kitties.
Your kitty will love them!

Precision Pet Products

Precision Pet Products - Really great Pet Beds, Pet Crates, Pet Houses and Pens. Precision Pet Products has some amazing answers for your traveling pet needs. For instance - the brown patch on the side of the bag (photo to the right), well guess what! It's a Removable Food/Water Bowl that detaches and unfolds from your dog or cat carrier... now you both can enjoy your day out!

They're simply fantastic!

altFor tropical fish and fresh water fish we have what your fish need. From fish food to fish tanks, fish tank filters and pumps and everything you could possibly need – we’ve got it! Laguna is a really excellent pond fish food and we have all their fish pond equipment too. For salt water fish supplies, just let us know what you need. All for Pets has a great selection of fresh water pond fish too - Koi & Shabunkin.

Remember, All for Pets has all the fish pond supplies, pond fish ornaments, pond pumps, filters, pond fish medications and top quality fish food! Come and see what we can do for your favourite fish!

We love birds too! We've got top quality, low waste Wild Bird Seed and caged bird seed too! All for Pets has great bird houses, bird swings, bird toys, mirrors and birdie treats!

And we've got lots more pet accessories below...

Petmate Furrarri Kennels

Furrarri Kennels by Petmate - Furrarri Kennels are the standard in fashion, function and have the best value and design. Quick-release latches, dual door locks, punched vents and door safety bars, all wrapped up in a cool sporty design! They’re easy-to-clean and meet airline requirements. Available in 4 sizes to fit dogs and cats from 17” - 28” tall. And come with a Five year manufacturer's warranty.

Laguna Fish Food and Pond Supplies

Laguna Fish Food - Beautifully simple water gardening. Excellent pond fish food and equipment. Everything from fish pond filters and water treatments to fish food, basins, liners, pond lighting, ornaments and... much more.

Kong Dog & Cat Toys - Great fun for you and your Pets.

Super Pet - Innovative and fun products for small animals.

All Glass Aquarium - Everything for the beginner to the adanced aquarists.

Sun Country Farms - Top quality, low waste wild bird seed. Only the seeds that birds want to eat.

Here on the Sunshine Coast, BC every cat and dog needs a good life jacket if you’re going to do any boating or ocean swimming (okay- NO ocean swimming for the kitties!). And how about rain coats!!! We have a great selection of doggie raincoats and designer boots for dogs too - we’ve got ‘em! You’ll love them.

Dog BootsAnother must have! Every outdoor dog on the Sunshine Coast, BC needs a good pair of All Weather Boots… to protect their paws from barnacles and mussels on those wonderful beach walks or if they are healing from any kind of a cut or injury.

All Weather Boots are great way to:
- Protect your loved one from infection and 're-injury'
- Affordably reduce costly Veterinarian bills
- Give a gift of kindness

More must haves - vitamins and the much needed Chondroitin Glucosamine to protect their joints now for good health and an active life in the future, as well as flea supplies and minor pharmaceutical supplies: hydrocortisone, ear wash, etc.

Please talk to any of our friendly pet people - we're happy to help with all of your pet needs.

For all the very best in Pet Food and Pet Supplies please come by and visit us.
Our All for Pets staff is knowledgeable and friendly, because we love Pets!

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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