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altAt All for Pets Sechelt, our primary commitment is to the health and well being of every Sunshine Coast pet.

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You can count on us to continually research and carry the very best in dog, cat, pet bird, wild bird, reptile, hamster, guinea pig, tropical fish, fresh water fish, goldfish and koi food! We've got the best farm feed too. Please come and see us!

Does your dog need a little boost of vitality?

Below you'll find some of our favourite pet food brand names... ask us about our special puppy food and kitten food for strong bones and muscles! Start your new family member out right and you’ll give them a healthier, happier life!

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Pet Food

Whether you live in Sechelt, Gibsons or anywhere on the Sunshine Coast, BC we’ve got it all. Our cat, dog, fish, bird, small animal and reptile foods are by-products free and are healthy for your pet - puppy and kitten food too! Many of our pet foods use quality ingredients you’d eat yourself! For more on individual product availability, just ask any of our friendly staff right here in Sechelt.

All for Pets carries all the top quality Pet Food and Pet Products brands and to name a few more - we carry…

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Innova Dog Food & Cat Food - The first “True” Holistic Health food for pets. Uses natural farm fresh ingredients from each of the five food groups. Designed to ensure the highest quality of life for your pet. You can count on Innova to provide your dog or cat with the very best in pet nutrition for a healthy, happy long life. Give it a try!

Evo Pet Food - If you like the idea of feeding raw food, but cannot feed raw, or prefer dry food, Evo pet food is the answer. Evo has all the nutrition of raw food, with no grain, high protein and low carbs. Evo is one of the rare brands that provides a diet as close to what Mother Nature intended for your dog or cat. If you have finicky eaters - they'll love Evo for it's meaty goodness!

California Natural Pet Food - Some ingredients can be allergenic to pets with sensitive systems. That is why California Natural uses very few ingredients. In fact, they have the shortest ingredient list of any dry pet food, this is why California Natural is a great hypoallergenic pet food. It's good tasting and healthy for your dog or cat, and they'll be happy you gave them a non-allergenic formula.

Healthwise Pet Food - Healthwise always outshines other similarly priced pet foods in nutrition every time. Healthwise is complete and balanced pet nutrition that is right for all sizes of breeds and budgets. Healthwise is the wise choice for pet nutrition.

Go! Natural Pet Food - Healthy and delicious formulas are made with juicy cuts of fresh 'human grade' chicken meat, fresh west coast wild salmon and many other 'human grade' meat protein sources. Your dog or cat will love you for giving them Go! Natural. And it's made in Canada!

ZiwiPeak Pet Food - Natural, New Zealand Pet Nutrition for the Peak of Good Health. From a unique land of plenty, comes ZiwiPeak  a complete natural health range of ULTRA PREMIUM MEAT pet-food products, prepared with care beneath the Bay of Plenty's celebrated peak, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

Summit Pet Food - Summit pet foods are developed for a cost effective, healthy way to feed our pets with no chemicals, no corn and only high quality ingredients. Canadian owned and operated in Chilliwack, very close to the Sunshine Coast BC. Up to 80% of all ingredients are from within Western Canada!

FirstMate Pet Food - FirstMate is made with the best possible meats to help your pet live a long and healthy life. FirstMate uses potatoes, and other alternate meat sources to help your allergenic pet. Top quality pet food made very close to the Sunshine Coast BC - right in Chilliwack, BC Canada!

Nutro Natural Choice Pet Food - Nutro Products, Inc. has been a leader in natural, super premium dog and cat food for over 80 years. Each of our premium dog and cat food brands, MAX, Natural Choice and Ultra, feature natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals for the best in cat and dog nutrition.

Wellness Pet Food - Wellness Pet Food has always tried to combine the best of both worlds, using science to help us select the best natural ingredients and how best to prepare our formulas and using Nature to provide only the purest, whole foods for use in our nutritious meals.

Orijen Pet Food - Orijen Pet Food includes the fresh, whole foods that nature evolved that dogs and cats like to eat and exclude ingredients like cereal grains that are not part of the natural diet. Your dogs and cats will absolutely love Orijen Pet Food!

These pet food companies are a few of the high quality dog food and cat food brands we carry - we know how important the right pet food is for the health, happiness and long active life of your pet.

And if you'd like more info: the pet food labels article from Animal Wellness Magazine by Jean Hofve, DVM is a great resource for pet nutrition and health information. They share our values on pet food and pet health.

All for Pets- Our Passion is Healthy, Happier Pets through Better Nutrition!

And for "really healthy fish"... please stop by and talk to our Fish Food Experts!


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