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All for Pets~ Pet Tales

Don’t Panic! We got You!

Don’t Panic! It is very important that you remember to keep yourself calm and balanced. Animals, especially baby animals are completely aware and alert to the type of energy we bring to situations. Work hard at educating yourself on all the information you need in order to feel confident in the choices you make for …

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All for Pets~ Pet Tales

Regular Care is Essential for your Fish

Caring for your fish means caring for your aquarium. You will need to carry out regular (once a week or once a fortnight, depending on aquarium conditions) partial water changes. – Never change more than 40% of the water at any given time and never completely empty your aquarium to clean it, it will stress …

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All for Pets~ Pet Tales

Taking Home Your Fish

Acclimation of New Fish Transport new fish after purchase as soon as possible and avoid temperature change. The following steps are recommended to provide a stress-free introduction: 1) Turn off the aquarium lights during the acclimation period. Float the bag in the aquarium for approximately 20 minutes to equalize water temperatures. 2) Open the bag and …

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