All for Pets and wonderful Small Animals

small-animals-all-for-pets-guinea-pigsAll for Pets carries quality food for the complex nutrition for your little pet! We also have cages and lots of toys too!

All for Pets in Sechelt can help you with the care and feeding of small animals, no matter what kind you choose…

Come in and talk with our Pet Experts!

We have hamsters in the store and you should know that they are more active at night. In daytime, you may just see them burrowed in their nests.

They do however look forward to their daily run in their exercise balls, it doesn’t take them long to try getting out of their cages!

We are centrally located in Sechelt
with our own parking lot off Teredo St.

If you are looking to bring home a special little pet, we can bring it in with a special order, directly from our supplier for you.

Cute and cuddly, small animals make great pets.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

All for Pets (604) 885-8843
Your Sunshine Coast Pet Headquarters
101 – 5461 Cowrie St. Sechelt, BC

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