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What Vet do I Choose?

A question often asked and one that used to have me cringe when I would hear it is, “Which Vet do you recommend?” It shouldn’t be controversial, yet in a small community for some reason people go out of their way to treat each clinic like their favourite Hockey team. Deadly devoted to the point …

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Puppy Feeding, Keep it Simple!

For the first few weeks keep everything you can as close to the same as where your puppy came from. Especially, don’t change food. I know this is backwards from what most retail pet feed stores will tell you, but All For Pets is in it to help you succeed and part of that is …

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Don’t Panic! We got You!

Don’t Panic! It is very important that you remember to keep yourself calm and balanced. Animals, especially baby animals are completely aware and alert to the type of energy we bring to situations. Work hard at educating yourself on all the information you need in order to feel confident in the choices you make for …

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Bringing Home a Puppy?

In this day and age there are few things that can both have your heart skip a beat out of complete excitement and want to stop from sheer fear of the unknown. Leaving your local rescue or reputable breeder with a sweet little ball of fur is just such a thing that will do that …

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Puppy Checklist

There’s a lot to think about when getting a new puppy – and we’re here to help you at every stage of your new puppy’s life. Come on in today! Here’s a quick and easy Puppy Needs Checklist that the team at All For Pets will walk you through when shopping for your new puppy: …

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