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Eagle Valley Bedding 40lbs



Introducing Eagle Valley Advanced Bedding Management (ABM), an improved bedding material designed to meet the needs of today’s equine, family livestock and small animal breeders and enthusiasts. 

Eagle Valley Talon ABM is an animal bedding material manufactured from 100%
Northwest White Pine with approximately 4% moisture content. This makes
our product more absorbent than traditional wood shavings, crumbled
newspaper or corncob materials. Northwest White Pine, a natural
deodorizer, controls ammonia the natural way. There are
NO ADDITIVES or CHEMICALS in our production process.

Compared to regular wood shavings, our product will absorb more
moisture, greatly suppress ammonia, and provide a cleaner, safer
and more pleasant living environment for your animals.


Equine (stable and trailer)
Family Livestock (cattle, goats, lambs)
Small Caged Animals
Dog and Cat (pen and litter box)


Quality: Talon ABM’s performance qualities far outweigh traditional wood shavings 9 to 1. Waste from the stall is greatly reduced and the material that is removed with the waste is completely bio-degradable.

Safety First:
Talon ABM is a crumbled, densified bedding designed for traction during initial application. It doesn’t slip and slide like many
wood pellet materials.

Faster Absorption Rate: The increased surface area of Talon ABM versus full pellet bedding means ABM absorbs urine quicker, pulling it into the
wood cells and keeping your stalls, stables, cages and pens dryer.

Cost and Fiber Efficiency: Our crumbled product has a lower bulk density (lbs/cubic foot), so it takes fewer bags to achieve the same
bedding depth as a full pellet bedding. This reduces waste, initial setup cost and results in better conservation of natural resources

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