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Taking Home Your Fish

Acclimation of New Fish:

Transport new fish after purchase as soon as possible and avoid temperature change.

The following steps are recommended to provide a stress-free introduction:

1) Turn off the aquarium lights during the acclimation period. Float the bag in the aquarium for approximately 20 minutes to equalize water temperatures.

2) Open the bag and gently pour in some aquarium water (approximately 1/3 the bag volume), wait 10 minutes. Repeat this water introduction twice more at the same interval.

NOTE: Add a full dose of Nutrafin Aqua Plus to the aquarium. Its patented stress reducing ingredients will benefit the newly introduced specimens.

3) Carefully net the fish out of the bag and place them in the aquarium. Dispose of the water in the bag, DO NOT release this water into the aquarium.

4) If the newly introduced specimens are the only ones in the aquarium, wait 24 hours before initial feeding.


Examples of Species Requiring Extra Precautions


Discus are extremely sensitive to pH differences. During acclimation, it is suggested to adjust pH values accordingly and take twice the regular time to introduce new specimens.

African Cichlids

These cichlids are often very territorial. Rearranging the rock structure can reduce aggression towards newly introduced specimens. Certain species of Lake Tanganyika cichlids (especially fry) are sensitive to changes in water chemistry. Slowly dripping water into the bag for 30 to 40 minutes is recommended.

Marine (Salt Water Aquarium)

Marine fish should be introduced with caution, slowly dripping water into the bag for 30 to 40 minutes until the bag volume has doubled. Marine tanks with larger, territorial species such as surgeons and angels may require the use of a see-through divider (that does not impede water flow) to prevent serious attacks on new specimens.


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