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We are crazy for our Pets! Or are we just Crazy?

The holidays have ended. We have taken the decorations and lovingly packed them away for the year. We reflect on the memories and the traditions that we shared with our families as we were growing up and now the new traditions we pass to our own families.

There is now one tradition in our house, that wasn’t there when I was a kid, our dog’s personal stocking. Sure a bone or cookie was always wrapped for our family pup, but not to the fan-fare that happens now. We purchase gifts for the Dog-niece and Grand-doggers and don’t forget to get the picture with Santa! They are also joining in with a special Christmas dinner too.

Is this all just craziness? Have we taken it too far? Are our actions of including and treating our pets as one of us psychologically damaging?

No, it is not, according to the mental health professionals interviewed by

Their view: The blatant puppy love much of the Western culture is displaying does not spell the end of society as we know it, and the Pet-obsessed are not pathetically off-kilter humans in need of intense therapy.

Stanley Coren, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of British Columbia and a Psychology Today columnist on human-interactions: “Most people recognize whatever endearments they use or actions they might take, that their pets are not furry humans” Professor Coren goes on to say that emotionally healthy people possess a need to nurture and pets can be the perfect reciprocators.

Let’s face facts: Pets are the most rewarding conflict-free, stress reducing, fitness improving social interactions your entire family can love.

Even if it is crazy, then crazy WE shall be!!

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