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Lifeline Broodmare & Growth Horse Feed


Foals, Weanlings & Yearlings • Pregnant Broodmares

This feed meets the needs of foals, weanlings, yearlings as well as pregnant and lactating broodmares when fed as directed. It is also appropriate for two year olds in light training and for performance horses not under extreme exercise stress.

This feed contains high quality protein that provides essential amino acids necessary for growth and development. It is also for re-conditioning underweight horses. This feed may also be used as the sole concentrate for the preparation of halter horses and sales horses.

High trace mineral and vitamin fortification with moderate energy prevents nutritionally induced developmental orthopedic disease in yearlings and ensures proper liver stores in the developing fetus for pregnant mares.

Broodmare & Growth is fortified with fat-soluble vitamins as well as all the B-complex vitamins essential for optimal growth and overall health in young horses.

Wt. per 13 oz. Coffee Can

1.15 Lbs
0.521 Kilograms
521 Grams

Protein (min. %) 16%
Fat (min. %) 6%
Fibre (max. %) 10%
Sodium (actual %) 0.45%
Calcium (actual %) 1%
Phosphorous (actual %) 0.75%
Vitamin A (min. IU/kg) 17,600 IU/kg
Vitamin D (min. IU/kg) 1,900 IU/kg
Vitamin E (min. IU/kg) 265 IU/kg
Selenium (actual mg/kg) 0.60 mg/kg

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