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Lifeline Safe Command (No Alfalfa) Horse Feed


Foals, Weanlings & Yearlings • Performance Horses

Safe Command provides higher levels of fat that will moderate blood sugar levels for sensitive horses, keeping them calm, and may spare muscle energy reserves. It also helps lower water requirements and heat load on the horse. Ideal where horses are on a lower intensity but longer duration program.

This feed offers a moderate sugar and starch, with medium level of fibre and medium to high level of fat to assist in digestive function, gut health and behavior in horses sensitive to high starch diets.

This feed contains our blend of important bio-available chelated trace minerals, live yeast culture, and organic selenium enhancing muscle tissue absorption. The lysine is maintained at a high level along with other amino acids for muscle mass yet crude protein is controlled to reduce heating effects and water requirements where protein is otherwise adequate.

Protein (min. %) 10%
Fat (min. %) 10%
Fiber (max. %) 10%
Sodium (actual %) 0.45%
Calcium (actual %) 1.15%
Phosphorous (actual %) 0.75%
Vitamin A (min. IU/kg) 18500 IU/kg
Vitamin D (min. IU/kg) 2000 IU/kg
Natural Vitamin E (min. IU/kg) 360 IU/kg
Selenium (actual mg/kg) 0.62 mg/kg

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