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Lifeline All Phase Original Horse Feed


Balancer Ration for all Types, Breeds & Ages

LifeLine All Phase Original Horse Supplement Pellets are designed as a low intake and grain free supplement and “low energy” pellet for carbohydrate intolerant horses. It contains a blend of premium fiber sources (excluding alfalfa), with vitamins and minerals in a concentrated pelleted format designed to balance a horse’s ration.

LifeLine All Phase Horse Supplement Pellets also contains live yeast culture for improved digestion and gut health with complex amino acid building blocks reducing anxiety which plays a major role in calcium absorption.

These pellets are designed to be fed alone as a concentrate as a source of essential nutrients which are often marginal in all forage diets, although it can be used with other grains to create a balanced diet.

Wt. per 13 oz. Coffee Can

1.43 Lbs
0.649 Kilograms
649 Grams

Protein (min. %) 20%
Fat (min. %) 3%
Fibre (max. %) 14%
Sodium (actual %) 1.20%
Calcium (actual %) 2.65%
Phosphorus (actual %) 1.55%
Vitamin A (min. IU/kg) 45,500 IU/kg
Vitamin D (min. IU/kg) 4,980 IU/kg
Vitamin E (min. IU/kg) 1,005 IU/kg
Selenium (actual mg/kg) 2.60 mg/kg

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