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Whole Earth 26% Poultry/Gamebird Starter Crumble


Crumbled feed, designed as a starter for Turkey & Gamebirds.

“Natural by Design”

Containing only the highest quality grains & the latest in Naturally Healthy Feed Technology.

Formulated to build natural disease resistance using probiotics, organic minerals, selenium & superior vitamin fortification.

Animal-by-product & Antibiotic Free.

Directions for Use:
Feed as a complete ration for Turkeys and Pheasants from 0-6 weeks of age and for Quail and Guinea Fowl from 0-4 weeks of age.

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For further information on all types of poultry feeds and nutrition please contact Otter Nutrition. They can be reached as follows:

Tim Marshall
Nutritionist/Technical Service Manager
604 607 6902

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