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Lifeline Mature Horse Textured Feed


Mature Idle Horses • Senior Horses

Scientifically formulated for mature horses at maintenance, lightly to moderately worked horses where weight control is an issue, and barren mares. It is designed for mature horses on average quality forage where normal levels of protein are required, and this feed offers a lower energy level than the “race” ration.

The mature horse textured feed contains our blend of chelated trace minerals, live yeast culture, and organic selenium yeast that increases digestibility of feeds, forage utilization, fiber digestion, overall gut health, and important bio-availability of natural minerals.

Wt. per 13 oz. Coffee Can

1.04 Lbs
0.472 Kilograms
472 Grams

Protein (min. %) 14%
Fat (min. %) 4.50%
Fibre (max. %) 12%

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