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Lifeline Senior Horse Feed


Senior Horses

This feed contains a blend of super fibers, forage sources and grains that are designed to assist older horses that are having problems chewing and digesting long stem forage.

Horses that experience sensitivity to or chewing and digesting hay will benefit from this coated pellet with pure soya oil and a low level of molasses for increased palatability and to minimize dust. Our pelleted feed ensures issues with teeth are not a problem.

Chelated minerals are provided for better absorption and yeast culture to help improve digestion.

Wt. per 13 oz. Coffee Can

1.36 Lbs
0.617 Kilograms
617 Grams

Protein (min. %) 13%
Fat (min. %) 5%
Fibre (max. %) 14%
Sodium (actual %) 0.35%
Calcium (actual %) 1.20%
Phosphorus (actual %) 0.65%
Vitamin A (min. IU/kg) 7,245 IU/kg
Vitamin D (min. IU/kg) 785 IU/kg
Vitamin E (min. IU/kg) 85 IU/kg
Selenium (actual mg/kg) 0.25 mg/kg

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