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Recovery EQ Extra Strength Powder 1KG


For Pain Relief of:
Back pain, joint pain, lameness, hock pain, injury, surgery, stifle pain and rehabilitation.


  • improves healing and helps to halt damage
  • potent pain relief
  • regulates inflammation and spasm throughout the body
  • improves cell sensitivity to insulin

How can Recovery®EQ help?
Successful control of chronic inflammation requires halting the underlying damage while improving the ability to heal.

Nutricol® in Recovery®EQ is formulated to stabilize cell structures, promote healing of existing damage and help to prevent further damage. On a practical level, this means quality of life is improved and performance is optimized.

What causes inflammation?
Chronic inflammation is caused by cell instability and damage resulting in the release of inflammatory compounds that can set off a destructive domino-effect.

A therapy designed to suppress inflammation while neglecting to treat the underlying damage and instability is merely suppression of symptoms and will eventually.

Visit the Purica Recovery website for more information.

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